IJM Göttingen Reading Group

The main purpose of the Göttingen IJM Regional Group is to inform the citizens of Göttingen about the hard facts of modern slavery and to contribute to building a conscience of the tremendous power that we all have together as consumers, as donors, as activists and as voters. If you want to join the Regional Group, this reading group is a good way of contacting its members and starting the dialogue.

IJM Göttingen starts this term a series of readings on slavery in order to deepen our understanding of this issue. As regional group of IJM Deutschland, we inform society in Göttingen about the global problem of modern slavery. This reading group aims at constructing a dialogue and exchange of knowledge about the topic. IJM Göttingen counts with human rights lawyers, political science students and many other actors of change that discuss the subject from different perspectives.

Kontakt: Ximena Ordóñez
Sprache des Lektürekreises: Englisch

27.05.2019, 18:15 Uhr
- 27.05.2019
khg: Zentrum
Kurze Str. 13