Students raising funds for students

The association Notfonds für Studierende e.V. helps international students in Göttingen to manage difficult financial situations while studying. AK-Notfonds starts a working team of students interested in raising funds for the association. We will organize alternative sales in the city, concerts, runs and benefit dinners and find ways to consolidate the Notfonds with the necessary funding in order to be able to help students in the future.

Everybody willing to help international students and wishing to acquire experience in the fascinating world of fundraising is invited to participate.

Kontakt: Ximena Ordóñez
Kooperation: Notfonds für Studierenden in Göttingen e.V.

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27.05.2019, 18:00 Uhr
- 27.05.2019
khg: Zentrum
Kurze Str. 13