COOK-ALONG - digital

Digitales Kochen in Gemeinschaft

International recipes are already a traditional highlight of cooking courses at khg. Some years ago we started cooking for Meet & Eat, the Sundays meeting after Mass. We want to continue the cooking tradition even if meeting people has been limited in the last year. The following international cooking courses take place every second Sunday.

Online participants can decide if they want to cook at the same time the recipes at home or just join us to get the course and practice later.

13. Juni  - Pan Francés, Canillas y Campesinos  - Recip

Zoom-Meeting beitreten:
Id- 830 777 21 333
Code: 23 86 86

Mitwirkende: Tim Fischböck, Aída Gómez, Tim Haas, Zoret Méndez, Yeimar Portillo, Leon Schmidt, Ana María Vergel 
Kontakt: Ximena Ordóñez, ordonez(ät) 
Sprache: Englisch, Spanisch 
In cooperation with: ESG

13.06.2021, 15:00 Uhr
- 13.06.2021